Energy Healing

Clear The Way For Your Miracles

Whether you are looking for an energy tune-up, healing your body or the power to supercharge a new stage of your life, a session with Rev Jason will clear your energy field to allow miracles into your life.  Some of the sessions he offers include:

  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • Cellular Healing Of Common Past Issues
  • Raising Your Core Vibration with Angelic Assistance
  • Cleaning and Repairing Your Aura
  • Removing Draining Connections
  • Coaching To Keep Your Energy Pure and Vibration High

After your initial consultation, Rev Jason will put together a session based upon your unique needs. All sessions are touch free, 50 minutes in length and are performed with you seated in a comfortable chair at our healing center. You will feel completely at peace and connected with your higher soul!

If this is your first energy healing session, every step will be explained and we strive to provide you with a powerful, positive uplifting experience.  If you have already experienced the wonders of energy healing then we look forward to meeting you!

Typical Sessions include:

  • Health Issues
  • Stress Reduction
  • Clearing Past Blockages
  • Relationship Healing
  • Remote Sessions available

We believe that the healing does not end with the session. In fact it is the beginning of a process. Rev Jason has extensive training in the working of the mind and spirit and will help you take the healing energy into your life with simple tasks that will have a profound effect on your life.

We have helped people around the globe renew their energy and renew their life. If you are still not sure, then give us a call at 813-435-5250 and ask. We are here to help.