my Abundance Pyramid™

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What is my Abundance Pyramid™?

Your Abundance Pyramid™ is a representation of the abundance within your life.  It is a statement that can act as a guide to manifesting lasting abundance to your life.  It is meant to give you insight into your abundance attracting mechanisms and areas where you can focus to expand your abundance. It is the constantly changing and evolving mechanism for understanding how you are attracting everything into your life.

Why a Pyramid?

Ancient cultures believed the pyramid was a bridge to the Divine.  Your Abundance Pyramid™ is a visualization of how you manifest your divine gifts in the world.  It is your bridge between divine potential and divine living.  The fact that some of the oldest structures in the world are pyramids is a testament to their enduring nature.

Manifestation is not simply stating intentions in different areas of your life; it is about striking a balance of the correct proportions.  As a plant needs soil with the correct proportions of nutrients, our focus needs to be in the correct proportions to manifest successfully and naturally.  The pyramid shape gives an accurate representation of the proportions needed for balanced manifestation.

The most important lesson from the Pyramid is that a solid foundation is required.  The same is true in life.  To expand your life and assure that the changes will last, you must first make sure that you have a solid foundation.  That foundation is created by self-care and the support of others.