my Abundance Mandala™

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What is my Abundance Mandala?

Your Abundance Mandala™ is an instantaneous representation of abundance in your life at this moment. It is meant to give you insight into your abundance attracting mechanisms and areas where you can focus to expand your abundance. It is the constantly changing and evolving mechanism for understanding how you are attracting everything into your life.

What is a Mandala?

Carl Jung defined a Mandala as a symbol of the unconscious self. It represents an effort to unify the self. To Tibetan Buddhists, the Mandala represents a microcosm of the Universe from a human perspective. Therefore, your Abundance Mandala™ represents how you internalize abundance and how easily it can manifest in your perspective.

Why a Mandala?

A Mandala was chosen to represent abundance because it is both ageless and ephemeral. True abundance is the ability to manifest anything you desire without blockage. This concept is ageless and works in the modern age as easily as it did in ancient times. Our methods of teaching abundance are not about new tricks and gimmicks. They are about understanding the fundamental laws that govern our existence and living in harmony with them. At Break Thru Living, living in harmony, or balance, is the basis for everything we teach.

A Mandala is also transitory. Tibetan Buddhist Monks will create elaborate Mandalas out of sand and then after a short time sweep them away with great ceremony. Very often they will spread the sand into water to share the blessings of the Mandala.

The key point of Your Abundance Mandala™ is that you can assess where you are at this moment and make a commitment to grow AND you never need to label yourself. Just as the monks will sweep away the mandala, your current abundance, thoughts, beliefs and feelings can be swept away at any time. Simply create an intention and you will change your abundance.