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Here are some tips and tools that will be helpful for your spiritual growth.

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Transition Blessing Technique

A simple and powerful technique to remove an old habit and replace it with a new one.  This can be used repeatedly to create the results you desire.

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Seven Pillars of Abundance

Find out about the seven key facets of living a life of balance and abundance.

Ways To Love Your Chakras

Here are some great tips to help you understand and love your chakra system.


What are the Chakras?

Find out more about the chakras. They are not mystical things, they simply cannot been seen by the eye.


Meet the Seven Chakras!

Learn about the seven major chakras and how to love each one of them.

My Abundance Tools

All of the great spiritual teachers and gurus have used metaphors to explain the meanings of abundance and life.  In this rich tradition, we offer these tools to guide you on your path to abundance.

Examine and play with each tool.  They each take you on an exciting journey through an exotic landscape of self-discovery.  Each tool also allows you to print out your results.  Remember, we are all perfect exactly as we are.  We are simply growing to even greater levels of abundance.


My Abundance Pyramid™

Through proper planning and foundation, the Pyramids remained beacons of abundance for generations. This tool provides you with a guide to manifesting lasting abundance in your life.


My Abundance Mandala™

A Mandala is an external representation of our internal world. This tool explores the instantaneous relationship between our emotions, inner thoughts and abundance.